Mar 14

Here is part of a Passover illustration project I did for someone, featuring the Ten Plagues!!  (My favorite is Plague 6: Boils.)  Happy Passover, everyone!


Mar 14

MAY: Hello, Chicago!  I will be at The Squared Circle for a book party on Monday, May 12!  (Time TBA.) Come for pizza, books, and special limited edition pro-wrestling-themed tshirts (as illustrated by me.)
JUNE: Please come visit me on Saturday, June 7 at the Grand Comics Festival in Brooklyn!  I’ll have books plus a lot of handmade items for sale.
Please email me with questions about either event.

Jan 14

Odd Duck selected by School Library Journal as one of the Top 10 Graphic Novels of 2013! And! Odd Duck selected by Kirkus Reviews as one of the Best Children’s Books of 2013!  Quack, quack!

Sep 13

A quick story about the subway in Mexico City.

Sep 13

Recently I made and painted little paper pulp sculptures, inspired by all the awesome folk art in Mexico.  (The lady in front with striped shirt and black shoes was painted by Yunmee Kyong.)


Jun 13

This is the mural that Aya, Eun-ha, and I painted at Rojo Bermelo in Mexico City!


Jun 13

Papier-mâché masks by Eun-ha, Aya, and I, for our Captain Canoodle show at Rojo-Bermelo, Mexico City, June 28, 2013


May 13

A nice review for Odd Duck in the New York Times!!