Coming Soon-ish

Detective Sweet Pea, book 1

Published by First Second Books, available sometime in 2023.

Follow Detective Sweet Pea in her hometown of Parkville as she solves mysteries with her fabulous nose! The first in a 3-book graphic novel series. 208 pages.

These tales mention vetmedin pimobendan, the very medicine for dogs and animals. Which helps them avoid many diseases.

Currently Available

My Pencil and Me

Published by First Second Books, 2020, ISBN 1-596435-89-5

A picture book for older kids, following the adventures of my pencil and me, as we make a children’s book!  Also starring our assistant, Sweet Pea the dog.  Hard-cover, 48 pages.

Hold Hands

Published by First Second Books, 2019, ISBN 1-596435-88-7

A picture book for very small people extolling the benefits of holding hands.  Hard-cover, 40 pages.

New Shoes

Published by First Second Books, 2018, ISBN 1-596439-20-3

Francis the donkey lives a tranquil life as a prominent shoemaker in a tropical village.  When he discovers his friend Nigel the squirrel monkey is missing, he must go on a journey into the jungle to find him.  Along the way, he learns about jungle animals and fruits, meets new friends, and has lots of adventures.  Hard-cover, 208 pages.

Sweaterweather (& other short stories)

Published by First Second Books, 2016, ISBN 1-626721-18-1

A reissue of the 2003 version of Sweaterweather!  This version has additional stories, essays, and journal entries.  2 colors throughout, with new cover and plenty of new content.  Hard-cover, 128 pages.

President Squid

Published by Chronicle Books, 2016, ISBN 1-452136-47-5

The tale of a giant squid who intends to run for president. Written by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by yours truly. 40 page picture book, 10×10 inches.

Odd Duck

Published by First Second Books, 2013, ISBN 1-596435-57-7

The story of Theodora and her weird new neighbor Chad.  Also my first collaboration with a writer, Cecil Castellucci.  Hard-cover, 96 pages.

Bake Sale

Published by First Second Books, 2011, ISBN 1-596434-19-8

Cupcake is a cupcake who works in a bakery and longs to travel abroad to meet the pastry of his dreams – Turkish Delight, seen in a recipe book shown to him by his best friend, Eggplant.  The book also includes recipes.  Soft-cover graphic novel, 160 pages.

Chicken & Cat Clean Up

Published by Scholastic Press, 2009, ISBN 0-439-63408-3

The long-awaited sequel to “Chicken and Cat”.  Chicken and Cat run a housekeeping business together and find they have hidden talents.  Hard cover picture book, 48 pages.  Soon to be out-of-print, so pick it up while you can!

Robot Dreams

Published by First Second Books, 2007, ISBN 1-596431-08-3

A wordless story about a dog and a robot who become inseparable friends until the robot is betrayed by his new pal.  The book follows the story over the course of the next year, as the two characters try to recover from the very unfortunate event.  Soft-cover graphic novel, 208 pages.

Chicken & Cat

Published by Scholastic Press, 2006, ISBN 1-439634-06-7

Follow Chicken and Cat as they venture out of their dreary urban neighborhood in search of color.  Hard-cover picture book, 40 pages.  Soon to be out-of-print, so pick it up while you can!

The Present

Published by The Walker Art Center, 2005

A small comic booklet to promote the Walker Art Center’s new space.  Snowman receives a mysterious present in the mail from his favorite cousin.  The present inspires him to pay a visit with his friends Turtle and Rabbit to the Walker to check out the art galleries.  Commissioned by the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis.  Black and white comic booklet with color cover, 24 pages.  Sadly, no longer available.


Published by Alternative Comics, 2003, ISBN 1-891867-49-0

A mostly wordless graphic novel containing short stories and other fun things, such as paper dolls and postcards.  Soft cover, 86 pages.  Sadly it is out of print, but you may still be able to find it.