favorite illustrators and designers

Eun-ha Paek is a great all around arist.  She makes beautiful ceramics, drawings, and animations, and excels at drawing elephants.

Aaron Renier has amazing drawing skills and is one of my favorite graphic novelists.

Damien Jay is a great illustrator, painter, and comics artist,

Mariko Jesse is a great illustrator, printmaker, and letterer.

Aaron Meshon is a fantastic illustrator and product designer and also happens to be my studio-mate.

Nora Krug is an all-around great artist.  She does illustration and animation and also makes books.

Yunmee Kyong does beautiful gouache paintings and ink drawings, among other things.

Aya Kakeda is a great artist in many mediums. She does fantastic illustrations, embroideries, and silkscreen prints.


publishers of fine comics

First Second Books, an imprint of Roaring Brook Press, publishes graphic novels by such fine folks as Joan Sfar, Aaron Renier, Nick Abadzis, and ME!

NoBrow is a publisher in the UK that produces beautifully designed, illustrated, and printed books.