Robot Dreams has been made into an animated feature by the super awesome Spanish director Pablo Berger!!!
It premiered May 20, 2023, at Cannes and has gone on to win many awards, including Best Animated Feature from the 2023 European Film Awards and an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature!
It should be in US theaters in spring 2024. More info to come.
Click here to see the Spanish trailer.
Click here and here to read some really nice reviews from its Cannes premiere.
And here to see a nice review from Toronto.
Or! Click here to see the Rolling Stone article which lists it as one of the TEN BEST MOVIES AT CANNES!!!!
SOME AWARDS (as of January 2024):
2023 Cannes: Special Screening
2023 Annecy Animation Festival: 1st place Contrechamp competition
2023 Sitges Film Festival: Audience Choice Award
2023 European Film Awards: Best Animated Feature!
2023 LA Times Critics Choice Awards: Runner-up for Best Animated Feature
2023 Toronto Film Critics Association Award: Best Animated Feature
2024 Goya Awards: multiple nominations
2024 Annie Awards: multiple nominations
2024 Academy Awards (The Oscars!!!): nomation for Best Animated Feature!!!
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